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Botox and Filler Training in Pittsburgh

November 28, 2023

Introducing SEA 🌊- Scrubd Esthetics Academy

Welcome to Scrubd Esthetics Academy! My name is Lindsay Olyha. I am a certified nurse practitioner who started my own aesthetics business right from my dining room table and scaled it to a full service medical spa in 3 years. Working as an ICU nurse in a hospital setting was a total burn out. I was unsatisfied with my career, tired, underpaid, and sick of missing out on the important things because I was always working crazy shifts on nights, weekends, and holidays. I knew I wanted more for my career!

Since then, I have worked extremely hard to build a brand that is modern, fun, a little edgy, but most importantly relatable. I wanted my clients to feel at home at my spa and give them the best outcomes. I wanted to have a career that motivated and inspired me, while giving me the opportunity to make my patients feel good about themselves.Becoming an injector was it for me!  

As I grew, something started to happen. My inbox was constantly flooded by DM’s from nurses and other medical professionals who wanted to know how they could become an injector too. They felt the same way about their current bedside careers as I did.

The two biggest questions I get are “where do I get training” and “how do I get started”?

When I first decided to become an injector I Googled “botox and filler courses near me” and I was overwhelmed by the amount of course offerings that were available nationwide. So naturally, my next question was “what course is right for me”? I did a large amount of research and still felt overwhelmed.

So, I jumped on the first opportunity I could find and took a one day course that was close to my house to learn the basics in injections. After I was done with training I realized I had more questions then I did answers. I didn’t feel safe to start injecting on my own and there was no continued support afterwards.  

I’ve been in the medical field long enough to know that the quality of care a patient receives is solely based on the provider’s skills. Since my first course, I have done multiple hands-on training in beginners and advanced techniques, as well as a million online trains. What I have realized is that not all training is the same and trying to find an all encompassing beginners training option that covers injection techniques, complications, products knowledge, content covered, cost to render services, insurance and business considerations, etc, was almost impossible. It was up to me to financially invest in many training sessions, professional services, and do my best research to put all the pieces together. 

I soon realized that other people probably have the same questions I did. Researching the aesthetics industry will take you down a rabbit hole of information and at the end, you still won’t be able to find all the answers you need. Another sad truth is others in this industry won’t always share information either.

So, I decided to make it my mission to disrupt the industry…

The truth is, there is a lot of money to be made in training. That’s why there are so many courses to choose from. Most courses are at least a $2,000 investment for one day. There are also very few regulations required to train in injecting so the quality of education varies greatly. There is also no specific certification or training requirements that must be completed to perform these procedures. Surprisingly, the medical aesthetics industry is a fairly unregulated field, and finding high quality training or mentorship can be very difficult for the naive injector.

Oftentimes, a one day course with minimal hands-on experience is the only instruction a provider may have before taking their own clients and/or starting their own independent practice. As medical providers we all take an oath to do no harm, and it is our responsibility to our patients to ensure that we are first safe injectors. The first step is to choose a high quality course to learn these skills.

What makes us different?

My career as an aesthetic educator started way back when Scrubd Esthetics was primarily a permanent makeup studio. I knew that when I opened my medical spa I would incorporate injectable training into my brand. I love to educate, and I believe that in order to become a successful injector you need a strong foundational knowledge of anatomy, techniques, product knowledge, and how to address complications appropriately. I am also very passionate about business and entrepreneurship in the medical field. I aim to include specific business related courses, resources, and mentorship for those who choose to own their own aesthetic practices.

But whether you are interested in learning injectables only or want to own your own business, I am building an all encompassing training and mentorship platform to help you get started safely, become profitable, and grow your new aesthetic career.

Ready to get started?

I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create some of the best courses, educational content and resources to help you get started. But I also want to hear from you…

What do you want to see at Scrubd Esthetics Academy?

How do you learn the best?

What topics interest you the most?

Let me know!!!

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