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I am so excited you’ve decided to take the leap and start your new career in permanent makeup! My training course is designed to teach you the basics of multiple brow styles. This course will cover the basics skills in microblading, combination and powder brow techniques.

I learned early on in my career that every brow is different and not every client is a candidate for the same technique. If you do not offer the right techniques that are suitable for every client then you end up losing clients, or performing a service that isn’t right for them. 

Also, trying to take every course separately can get really expensive. So I created the solution: comprehensive training teaching you the basics on all three styles and at an affordable price.

start your PMU career

Beginner's Blade & Shade Training

coming soon

topics we will cover:

In-depth theory
Depth & Retention
Stroke Patterns
Machine shading
Skin Types
Mapping & Shaping
Set up/ sanitation
Observation (2 live models)
Hands on practice (up to 2 live models)
Access to private Facebook support group
Monthly coaching calls for the first 3 months
2 days of shadowing following your training (optional)
Continued text support as needed

Creating a strong foundation in the art of permanent makeup is essential to your success! Without a strong foundation and clear understanding of the basics, creating beautiful brows for your clients will be very difficult. Your success is of utmost importance to us!

This training opportunity will cover all of the details related to technique, hand placement, the appropriate blade selection, tattoo machine basics, needle selection, shading and blading techniques, stroke patterns, pre/post procedure care, safety, sanitation, & color theory.

This course will also cover brow shaping and mapping extensively. This skill is very important to master to ensure that your clients brows are symmetrical and appropriate for their appearance. Educational exercises with practice skins and other techniques will be used to help teach you proper depth and correct technique.

Build your foundation

On the last days of your training you will observe our master trainer performing services and have the opportunity to perform your own services on live models with our supervision. We believe the best way to learn is hands-on experience.

Also included in the training course is exclusive access to Scrubd Esthetics FB group, where there will be an abundance of knowledge related to microblading & PMU in general. All of my previous students will also be a part of this group where you will have the opportunity to connect and support each other!

You will also have the option to shadow our master trainer in the spa on two separate days after training. We will also be setting you up with monthly coaching calls for the first three months after launching your new career. Additional text support is available as needed. 

Learn with live models

Upcoming Course Dates


*Payment plans  and longer term financing are available at checkout.


Frequently Asked Questions

The training for this course is $5,000 and includes a full kit for you to get started right away! Payment plans are available. Please see additional information below to set up.

All training sessions are located at our spa in Cranberry Twp. Just 20 minutes north of the cIty of Pittsburgh. The address is **20550 Rte 19 Unit 24 Cranberry Twp. 16066**.

If you are traveling from another area to train, please reach out to me for recommendations for hotel and AirBnB accommodations.

  • 1st day: theory & mapping/shaping the brow.
  • 2nd day: stroke patterns, shading, intro to machine.
  • 3rd day: observation of live models, putting it all together.
  • 4th day: live models performed by students with supervision.

All training days will start promptly at 10am and conclude at 6pm. Times may vary during model days. These changes will be announced during class. Please make accommodations to be flexible these days. We will do our best to accommodate specific time requests.

*Lunch and snacks will be provided all 4 days! Please let me know if you have any food allergies, restrictions, or requests.

This is an intimate training course! We like to keep my courses small to ensure the success of my students! We believe it is extremely important to give each of our students individual attention to help them with their specific needs! Only 4 students will be enrolled in each in-person training course.

To secure your spot in class a deposit of $750 is required. The remaining balance of $4250 is due one week from the first day of training. Payment plans are available. You can also pay the full price of $5000 upfront.

You can pay the deposit, total cost, or set up a payment plan through our checkout process. All deposits are non-refundable but can be transferable one additional time. 

Payment plans are available. To sign up for a payment plan please follow the prompts during checkout.

Each student is provided a full kit that will contain everything you need to get started taking clients immediately. Your kit includes:
  • Assorted Pigments
  • Microblades & handles
  • Tattoo machine & needles
  • Aftercare ointment
  • 2 numbing creams
  • Mapping pencils, string, & rulers
  • 25 pigment rings
  • 25 pigment cups
  • 25 lash wands
  • 25 q-tip applicators
  • Soft gauze
  • Fake skins, tape, & practice mannequin head
  • Brow grooming kit
  • Color wheel
  • Green soap & squirt bottle

Each state and county is different with what they require. Please make sure to call your local health department before signing up for training, because that is who regulates cosmetic tattooing in each county. Most states, at minimum, will require you to receive your bloodborne pathogens certificate. Some may require you to have a tattoo permit, and work in a permitted facility. Since you are working with blood, it is very important and crucial to follow the regulations of your county and state! We are not legal professionals and do not offer legal advice. For additional information please contact a business attorney.

Click HERE to complete your bloodborne pathogens certificate.

Here are some considerations to ask yourself before training:
  • Would you consider yourself artistic?
  • Do you feel that you are a natural with shaping brows?
  • Would you say you have an eye for symmetry?
  • Do you have a steady hand?
  • Are you willing to put in the work that is required to learn a new skill and practice it?

Permanent makeup is an art. We can teach you the skill but what you do with that skill is up to you. Starting a business or learning something new is always a challenge. It will be hard work. We are here to support you and help you succeed on your journey but you are going to have to ask yourself ~ are YOU willing to do what it takes?